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10.25.09 -- New Album Release

Go Jimmy Go newest, self-titled album, is now out and available at music stores, iTunes and at our online merchandise store!

10.25.09 -- Get an early start on your Christmas shopping with Go Jimmy Go!

Check out Go Jimmy Go's Christmas Album , Holiday Hell Yeah, and the Exclusive Adam Turman Designed Holiday Hell Yeah! Poster!

09.23.09 -- Go Jimmy Go to Embark on West Coast Tour w/ Phenomanauts

09.10.09 -- Warsaw Returns to Hawaii!

Long time friends and touring mates come back to Hawaii for several dates!

Hawaiian Punch Asia Tour Blog!

It's only half-way done but our attempts to document all the strange and amusing things that happen to us on tour, but just travelling in general, is indeed noble. It's like a half-assed travel documentary but with lots of pictures to makeup for our lack of journalistic integrity, fortitude and skill. We tried our best to record all the differences we found culturally like in the food, drinks, customs, and just plain everyday stuff that is was really funny to us. Now that we're finally back home and settled we can properly sort out the hundreds of pictures we took and finally finish the story. Like I said earlier, we about half-way there and that half is much more than most you'll get from other places. So read up and enjoy the Go Jimmy Go Hawaiian Punch Asia Tour Blog...Kampai, Gonbei and...BANZAI! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!! GOJIMMYGO.HONADVBLOGS.COM

Tour T-Shirts Available Only at the Show

We have a real limited number of Go Jimmy Go Hawaiian Punch Tour T-shirts we smuggled back into the country and you can get first crack at 'em because they're only available at the live show. They come in green and black and is an exclusive design by our friend and famous Tokyo artist, Toru. We only have sizes XS, S and M because the people are smaller on that side of the pond - sorry big fellas ;)

01.09.09 -- Sleepless In Japan -- Rock! Rock! Rock!

When our Japanese record label asked if we wanted to go back and tour Japan again I almost lost it right there at the computer screen. Akira, our record label manager, couldn’t hear my estatic, jubilant cheers of joy through mere keystrokes on the keyboard but I’m sure he understood the clarity and directness in my response: YES, WE CERTAINLY CAN! HOW SOON DO WE GO?

The last Japan Tour was a year and a half ago and it seems both distant yet so familiar at the same time. I mean, so much has happened in the time between tours but it really wasn’t that long ago. My last memory of Japan was eating a still-living fish that was gasping for air while it’s own flesh layed sashimied out upon it’s own skeletal fish body. Wow…never seen that before ;) Actually, there were a lot — I mean, tons — of things I never seen before and the ten days spent in the Land of the Rising Sun were some of the most memorable touring experiences I can remember. (I mentioned “Rising Sun” because we saw so many of those that trip…they don’t like to go to sleep those guys ;)

Supposedly, we’re in for a lot more mayhem and hopefully broaden the Go Jimmy Go tour resume with stops in Hong Kong, Macau and China even! Cross yer fingers for us and hope that the plans actually pan out because if there’s anything I’ve learned in this business the last twelve years is “I’ll believe it when I either see it or we’re there pounding some ice-cold Asahi’s in Roppangi or eating things that are still breathing!