12.10.08 -- Holiday Hell Yeah!...Best Christmas Album Ever is Back!

Though it may only bottom out at 60 degrees here in Hawaii it's still plenty cold for us simple island folk. Still, we feel the need to write songs about the romantic nostalgia Christmas invokes in all of us. Back on music store shelves and stockings everywhere is GJG's greatest achievement of all...Holiday Hell Yeah!

Available at our online store, all Borders, Sam Goody, Barnes & Noble, Sam's Club, Walmart, Costco retail outlets and also at Amazon.com, MountainAppleCompany.com, and of course Itunes.com. More better you just come to the live show and pick one up from us and hear the songs live ;)

" Hawaii is not exactly the place that readily springs to mind when one thinks about Christmas. Coconut palms rather than conifers and macadamias instead of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, it's hard to envisage Santa divesting his red suit for shorts and changing sleigh for surfboard, riding the waves instead of snow. All these images at first made me raise an eyebrow.

"But of course, we are talking about Go Jimmy Go, and - as I have come to realize during my global peregrinations with these mischievous iconoclasts - everything is possible and nothing should be unexpected. So let's throw the eggnog out the window and grab a couple of daiquiris and a Piña Colada and go down to the beach to enjoy these Christmas tunes steeped in the sweet island sugar as only Go Jimmy Go could confect.

"With this sumptuous set of seasonal selections Go Jimmy Go once again demonstrates a level of lyrical musicianship that few contemporary bands can hope to emulate. The smooth rhythm stylings and the haunting vocal harmonies are sweeter than any candy in the stocking. The slick arrangements of the cadences roll in softly like the waves lapping on Waikiki Beach . So, come dip your toes in the warm waters of the "Island Sound" known the world around. Merry Christmas everybody - Hawaiian Style! Go Jimmy Go style!"

5.20.08 -- Kokua Festival Video Clips
You can catch Jack Johnson's entire performance at this year's Kokua Festival 2008 at MSN.com. Even better click on the link below to check out the GJG Horns in action during the encore of the last night, Sunday April 20th. The sound and video are excellent and Dave Matthews does some impressive impromptu numbers counting towards the end and if you listen just right you can hear Eric's Saturday Night Live super-high altissimo A on the last note of the song! You can also catch Bison and Jayder singing and dancin' up there in the mix.

This was an epic experience and we want you all to go back in time with all of us and see it for yourself. Thanks Jack, Dave, Kim and everybody else for treating us so well and having us over at your place. Sorry, we drank a lot of beer, but we did recycle the bottles ;) Big ups Kokua Fest!!!

Go Jimmy Go Horns on "3 R's" Encore

4.22.08 -- Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Your chance to chance a glimpse of Go Jimmy Go on the silver screen is now! Universal Picture's Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the newest film from the same crew that brought you Superbad, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Better yet, the film is set almost entirely in Hawaii and even better than that, there's a couple Go Jimmy Go Fishbowl Eyes Promo Posters in a few scenes in the movie. We're not going to tell you where so you just have to keep your eyes open because it pops up in a few different places.

The film just came out this weekend so you have plenty time to catch Go Jimmy Go in their big screen debut ;) Now, if we could just get the band members and a song in the next one they'd be stoked!

4.22.08 -- Congratulations to Vanessa Matuatia!
Vanessa Matautia turned out to be the big winner when we did the drawing for the last free Kokua Fest Ticket in the whole world! at our Earth Day performance at UH - Manoa this past Friday. Vanessa thought it a joke when we called and had to convince her otherwise -- that she was indeed going to Kokua Fest the following night on us! The whole reason for the contest was to show everyone on the GJG email list that we do appreciate their support throughout the years and all the ones to come. Much mahalos to everyone that did enter and we hope to do something like this again in the future. So, see you at the next show 'cause you never know what else we'll be giving out.

4.12.08 -- The Great Go Jimmy Go Kokua Fest Ticket Giveaway!
There's only one week before Kokua Fest 2008!!! Are you one of the thousands of people who wanted to go to this year's sold-out Kokua Festival featuring Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and us, Go Jimmy Go, but couldn't get a ticket? Well, here's your chance to get into the hands-down most anticipated concert in all of Hawaii this year! We have one golden ticket for Sunday, April 20th to give away to anyone on the GJG email list. This is our way of saying thanks for sticking with us all these years and also the years to come. It's real simple to enter:

1.) Make sure you are signed up on the GJG email list.
2.) Send us an email at kokuafest@gojimmygo.com with "I Want The Only Free Kokua Fest Ticket In The World - Go Jimmy Go, You're The Best!" in the subject line. Please use your GJG email list email address and include your full name and phone number (we will use this to contact the winner).
3.) The lucky winner will be selected at random on Earth Day -- Friday April 18th, 2008. The winnner will receive a telephone call and email message from us and can pick up their ticket at the GJG Earth Day performance on the UH - Manoa campus.
4.) Please, only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

4.10.08 -- The Honolulu Advertiser Presents The Go Jimmy Go Hawaiian Punch Euro Tour Blog
We are finally back and have been proud to partner up with The Advertiser to show you first hand what travelling, playing, and living on the road literally half-way around the world is like. The blog was meticulously put together by Eric, Ryan and Jayder throughout their journeys complete with dramatic stories of sacrifice, daring, and brotherhood -- we even the pictures to prove it! It's just about complete and you can catch up with us here at http://gojimmygo.honadvblogs.com/

We can't leave without saying big, big mahalos to all the promoters, bands, friends new and old, and the especially the fans for making this trip so memorable. It looks like we'll be back next year with a new album and a much bigger tour so keep the memories close and we'll be back there before you know it.

2.15.08 -- Exclusive Go Jimmy Go Apparel Only At Blue Hawaii!
Adam Turman has had the helm for the look and style of Go Jimmy Go for some time now with insane logos and jaw-dropping silkscreened poster work. Now you have a chance to own and wear his very best GJG design yet!

Now available exclusively at all Blue Hawaii stores for a limited time only is this sick reworking of the Go Jimmy Go "10 Year" design. The shirts comes in several different color combinations for both guys and girls. The only way you'll ever see the shirts is if you go down to Blue Hawaii yourself before they all run out. You can find Blue Hawaii retail stores at the Ala Moana Center and Waikele Shopping Center.

Hawaii's own Jack Johnson is proud to share the stage with Dave Matthews at the Fifth Annual Kokua Festival on Earth Day weekend April 19th and 20th, 2008 at the Waikiki Shell in Honolulu, Hawaii. For his first Hawaii appearance ever, Dave Matthews will be performing an acoustic set with guitar master Tim Reynolds. The festival's incredible music line-up will be rounded out with local island favorites Paula Fuga and Go Jimmy Go, and Brushfire Records' latest addition, the Hawaii-born, Minneapolis-based Mason Jennings.

$40 GA lawn
$50 reserved seats
$125 reserved seated pit
$20 GA kids tickets for children ages 3 to 12
Children under 3 are free

Prices do not include applicable Music Today and Ticketmaster fees. There are a limited number of GA kids tickets available. All children need to be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

New in 2008! The Kokua Festival will offer online ticket buyers the opportunity to offset the emissions generated by their travel to the Festival. An option will be available at ticket points of purchase to contribute an additional $2 toward carbon offsets that will help reduce the CO2 impact of fans' travel. Evolution Sage, the Kokua Festival's offset partner, will use the carbon credits that are purchased to fund renewable energy programs in Hawaii. If you are flying into Hawaii for the Kokua Festival, we encourage you to consider making your entire trip carbon-neutral via additional offsets; visit www.evolutionsage.com to learn more.

Tickets to the general public will be available at all Ticketmaster outlets, online at www.ticketmaster.com or by phone at (877) 750-4400 on February 16th. Pre-sale Ticket Opportunity: The Kokua Hawaii Foundation will be joining forces with STAR 101.9 to make a difference on Oahu's beaches. Starting February 4th, listen to STAR 101.9 or visit www.kokuahwaiifoundation.org for more details.

1.29.08 -- Hawaiian Punch Europe Tour 2008!
Time to dust off the 'ol German and Spanish phrasebooks for another round of ruckus adventure and mayhem on the Autobahn and the roads that lie ahead! The Hawaiian Punch Europe Tour 2008 will take us to new countries like Spain, Belgium and Denmark so we can learn even more beer drinking songs in several more languages ;) We simply can't wait and we'll even document the experience for you as it unfolds via a blog with the Honolulu Advertiser once again. More details on that later, but in the meantime check out the dates below....