11.15.07 -- Holiday Hell Yeah! -- New Christmas Album Available Now!
Holiday Hell Yeah! is Go Jimmy Go's fourth studio album featuring holiday classics and six GJG originals! With the soulful vocals, slick horns and tight rhythm section exclusive to GJG, Holiday Hell Yeah! is the ultimate Christmas album you've been searching for. Now available at all the local retail music outlets like Sam Goody, Borders Books & Music, Barnes & Noble and also on the web here at GoJimmyGo.com, Itunes.com, Amazon.com, MountainAppleCompany.com. Check out the upcoming shows to hear the songs live!

Hawaii is not exactly the place that readily springs to mind when one thinks about Christmas. Coconut palms rather than conifers and macadamias instead of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, it's hard to envisage Santa divesting his red suit for shorts and changing sleigh for surfboard, riding the waves instead of snow. All these images at first made me raise an eyebrow. But of course, we are talking about Go Jimmy Go, and -- as I have come to realize during my global peregrinations with these mischievous iconoclasts -- everything is possible and nothing should be unexpected. So let's throw the eggnog out the window and grab a couple of daiquiris and a Piņa Colada and go down to the beach to enjoy these Christmas tunes steeped in the sweet island sugar as only Go Jimmy Go could confect.

With this sumptuous set of seasonal selections Go Jimmy Go once again demonstrates a level of lyrical musicianship that few contemporary bands can hope to emulate. The smooth rhythm stylings and the haunting vocal harmonies are sweeter than any candy in the stocking. The slick arrangements of the cadences roll in softly like the waves lapping on Waikiki Beach. So, come dip your toes in the warm waters of the "Island Sound" known the world around. Merry Christmas everybody -- Hawaiian Style! Go Jimmy Go style!

Rob "Bucket" Hingley (The Toasters) -- Valencia, Spain September '07

10.14.07 -- In-Between Times Live Track!
Due to high demand a live Go Jimmy Go track is now available at our Myspace.com webpage. The fan favorite, In-Between Times, can be heard like it should. If you were there for that last night on tour at The Belly Up in Solana Beach (San Diego, CA) last year then you know the feeling and just how good it can be when you're actually there sweating, singing, dancing, living life to the fullest. This song is a dedication to the late-great bass player for Hepcat, Dave Fuentes who passed recently. You will be sorely missed Bruddah Dave and this song goes out to you.

10.04.07 -- RESPECT! Dave Fuentes (1971-2007)
From the Hepcat website: We are sad to announce that our brother, beloved band mate and amazing friend, David Fuentes, is no longer with us. He will be missed by everyone but especially everyone in the Hepcat family. R.I.P. Dave, you will always be loved and missed by us all.

RESPECT from the Go Jimmy Go Ohana...you'll be surely missed Bruddah Dave!

07.10.07 -- Ska Is Dead Compilation Features Go Jimmy Go
On Tuesday February 17, 2004, 3 bands that had been friends for years, BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE, MUSTARD PLUG, and THE PLANET SMASHERS, got on stage in front of 400 kids in Buffalo NY and performed the very first gig on the very first Ska Is Dead tour. Three years, and 140 shows later, the tour has gone beyond all expectations, selling over 55,000 tickets in 3 different countries and proving that indeed, ska is not dead. In fact, the tour started out to prove just that. At a time when retail had forgotten the genre and most live venues had only marginal faith, the tour was put together on the simple principal that ska is as valid as it ever was, it just needed to be rebuilt from the grass roots on up. To document and commemorate this success, Asian Man Records proudly presents Ska Is Dead: the compilation CD. Featuring 23 of the most important bands performing in the genre. From the laid back Jamaican-style sounds of Hawaii's GO JIMMY GO to the aggressive ska-core of Miami's AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY, from newcomers like BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY to legends like FISHBONE, and pretty much everything in between, this compilation represents the very best of a very dynamic scene, one that is back on the upswing and proving that ska will never die.

06.05.07 -- Ska Brawl Europe Tour, 10 Year Party Pics!
The new year has been both hectic yet rewarding for Go Jimmy Go with the big 10 Year Party at the Hawaiian Hut in January and the nearly two month trek across Europe during the Ska Brawl with The Toasters in March and April. Well, we're finally getting back into the swing of things here in Hawaii and have something to show for it: 3 brand-spanking new galleries! Go right now to the Photo Gallery to get first hand visuals on the mayhem of the boys' first bonafide European Tour on a tour bus and spock the Shag action that went down at the Hawaiian Hut for the 10 Year Party. We wish you were there for it all but if you weren't this is definitely the next best thing.

03.24.07 -- Go Jimmy Go Merch Page Updated and Better Than Ever
- 10 Year Anniversary Poster (hand silkscreened, signed and numbered by the artist) with free Soul Arrival Promo Poster for only $10!
- Fishbowl Eyes Vinyl LPs in both limited edition Gold and classic Black!
- New clearance t-shirts for guys and gals only $6!
- Regular t-shirts prices reduced to only $10!
- Hot shorts for the ladies reduced to $8!
- New Rudeboy patch now on sale!

Click here to check it out!

Look forward to even more new items in the coming months. Import UK version of Fishbowl Eyes with 3 bonus tracks and new interior layout coming in sometime in April.

03.24.07 -- Euro Blog at HonoluluAdvertiser.com Complete
The journey is now complete 38 shows in 12 countries and you can read about all the misadventures of a Hawaii band on the road in foreign lands here. If youve been keeping up on the blogs you may have noticed that the numbers of shows and countries have changed from our original count when we first started the tour. You can get the answer to that question and also find out The Toasters front mans view on us getting lost in the roadless back country of Albania in Bucket's Guest Blog. If you dont feel like reading at least theres lots of pictures to look at ;)

03.22.07 -- Tower of Power @ the Aloha Tower!
There aren't that many musical legends still around, much less touring and still kicking ass! Tower of Power are the real deal and have layed down the funk for close to 40 steady years. Their music is powerful and lasting inspiring generations of horn players, rhythm players and dancefloors all across the world from day one. It is an honor to play with the Bump City's finest and we hope you all come and experience the what we consider some of the finest musicians you'll ever see live.

Advance tickets available at Kua Aina and all Ticketmaster outlets including Times Supermarket and the Blaisdell Ticket Office. Charge by phone at 1-877-750-4400 or order online at ticketmaster.com.

01.10.07 -- 10 Years: A Party, A Tour, A New Record
It's been one hell of a ride these past 10 years playing practically every venue in the state, meeting and partying with some of the best fans on earth, and getting to represent Hawaii in places abroad like the mainland U.S., Japan and now, Europe! We have so many people to thank for all the successes we've accomplished over the years and what better way to do it than with one massive party at the best venue on the island? The Hawaiian Hut has been the spot for the greatest shows we've ever hosted and ever played and we are inviting you to this landmark event to help us celebrate a decade of music and memories.

Go Jimmy Go's also got it going on in the near future with a groundbreaking year, going farther and deeper than any Hawaii-based band before them by means of a 5 1/2 week, 39 show, 13 country tour of Europe! Touring has always fulfilled the band's need for adventure and there will be no lack of that with tour stops in places like the Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and other former eastern bloc countries on the farthest reaches of Europe. The tour also coincides with the band's first official European release, Fishbowl Eyes, with UK based record company, Moon Ska Europe Records. Wish us luck and hope we all come back in one piece to tell the stories! A hui hou....