12.12.06 -- Fishbowl Eyes LP (Limited Edition Gold Vinyl) Now Available
The Girl With The...Fishbowl Eyes LP has just arrived and is now available in our merchandise section on this website or at the merch booth at our live shows. What a terrific gift for any self-respecting GJG fan...indispensable! Limited to just 500 copies, this limited edition LP comes in a rare gold vinyl, includes 4 new dubs by Ooklah The Moc's Jah Gumby, and also an insane dancehall version of "Don't Stop Everything" by JahSon of The Toasters. Most of the LP's either went to Japan or Europe but we have some stashed away just for you. So, don't wait -- get your copy now while you still can.

12.1.06 -- New T-Shirts and More Now Available
Mad scientist/graphic artist, Adam Turman, has created some radical new designs for all of you. Hot off the presses and onto your body, brand spanking new t-shirts and hot shorts (for the ladies!) are now available in our merchandise section. With only a few clicks you yourself can be sporting the illest threads in town and you have only us to thank. With the holidays upon us full-force this is one easy way to get your presents without ever leaving your home. Too easy!

11.14.06 -- Ska Brawl Europe– 1ST European Tour For GJG
The Toasters and Go Jimmy Go reunite to join forces once again to take the Ska Brawl to the shores of the European continent! This third meeting has the boys playing 14 countries in just over 5 weeks! Are GJG excited – you bet your lederhosen they are!!! Specifc tour dates and more details to come.... Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia/Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic!

11.8.06 -- Back In The Islands...Life Is Good
Well, we're finally back home in the islands from the John Brown's Body Tour and we feel great. The sun is out, Makapu'u had waves, and the plate lunch was heavy. We just want to thank the fantastic musicians in JBB for three weeks of solid music, antics, and friendship. All the shows were fantastic and filled with tons of concert goers. Some of the highlights were the Fox Theater (Boulder, CO), Bluebird Theater (Denver, CO), Hawthorne Theater (Portland, OR), The Independent (San Francisco, CA), Belly Up (San Diego, CA), and especially The Key Club (Hollywood, CA)! It was great to see all the Hawaii people come out to support us so far away from home. Look forward to more collaborations between GJG and JBB in the near future.

08.31.06 -- GJG On Tour With John Brown's Body
"The best Reggae band in America," according to Rolling Stone magazine has asked GJG to tour and the boys have heeded the call. Tour dates for California, Colorado, Utah, Oregon and Washington are now posted in the Shows page with updates to come as soon as they arrive.

If you don't know who JBB are then you better listen up because these boys are bad ass! Here's a little bit more about them and you can find out even more at the website, JohnBrownsBody.com

John Brown's Body is in the midst of its tenth year of performing, supporting its latest studio album, Pressure Points (Easy Star Records). The seven-member group (from Ithaca, NY and Boston) has developed a strong reputation for it's originality and superb, energetic live show during its ten-year career. The trademark JBB sound evolved out of the early 90's rock and reggae outfit Tribulations, and developed into a 21st century band founded on torque heavy drum and bass, four part vocal harmony, and a horn section.